University of Southern California (USC) Graduation Photos

2018-12-01 - Natalie Grad Photos Individual-24
2018-12-01 - Natalie Grad Photos Group-207
2019-04-21 - Kelly & Friends Graduation-327
2019-04-21 - Kelly & Friends Graduation-195
2018-12-01 - Natalie Grad Photos Individual-30
2019-04-21 - Kelly & Friends Graduation-107
2020-03-07 - Sophie Cross Graduation-67
2020-03-07 - Sophie Cross Graduation-56
2019-05-04 - Rebecca & Friends Graduation-227
2019-04-30 - Aili & Dani Graduation-211
2018-12-01 - Natalie Grad Photos Group-107
2018-12-01 - Natalie Grad Photos Group-90
2018-12-01 - Natalie Grad Photos Group-70
2018-12-01 - Natalie Grad Photos Group-78
2018-12-01 - Natalie Grad Photos Group-61
2019-04-30 - Aili & Dani Graduation-147
2019-04-26 - Selamay & Friends Graduation-139

Congratulations USC Class of 2022! Unfortunately, all slots have been filled.


• How many photos will I receive?

You will receive 25 photos for a 20-minute mini grad session, 100 photos for a one-hour grad session, and 150 photos for a 1.5-hour BFF grad session (with up to 2 of your friends or significant other).

All delivered photos are individually edited, delivered digitally in an online gallery, and include a custom mobile app with your photos.

• When will I receive my photos?

You can expect to receive your final gallery and mobile app within 1-3 weeks of the session. The earlier in the semester you book your session, the quicker you'll get back your photos ;)

Expedited options are available.

• Do you photograph groups?

Yes, I do! Because photographing and coordinating a large group is a bit more involved, please reach out to me at [email protected] or text/call 913-636-2941. Tell me more about your needs, how many people, and a little bit (or as much as you want) about your group. I'll take it from there and help you coordinate the session.

If you have 4 or fewer people in your group, the BFFs Grad Session option may be better suited for your needs.

• What if I'm a bit awkward or shy in front of the camera?

That's okay, I am too! I strive to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed when being photographed. I make every effort to make look your best and present the best version of yourself.

I will help direct and guide how you should pose and what you should do. I don't like to keep my subjects to stiff in a pose. I'll keep you moving and having fun!

• Can you replicate this photo I saw on Instagram or emulate their editing style?

Sure! I welcome you to bring your own fun and creative ideas to the session.

My editing style is fairly standard but if you prefer your photos to be edited in a certain way (darker, moodier, brighter, etc), let me know and I will do my best to accommodate.

• Great, how can I book you for a session?

Scroll back up and choose a date and time slot that works for you. The predetermined time slots were selected for the BEST lighting. If the times do not work for you, send me a message and we can figure something out!

You will be prompted to pay your session fee at the end either with a PayPal account or a credit/debit card. If you would like to pay in person or with Venmo/cash, send me an email/text and I'll manually add you to my calendar.

The time slots are chosen for the best lighting, which usually around sunset or sunrise. But, there is some wiggle room there as well if the time slots don’t work with your schedule.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] or text/call at 913-636-2941. I’d be happy to set up a session that works with your schedule.

Big group photo sessions (4+ people) are a bit more involved in logistics and planning. Reach out to me and let’s start planning this together! Thanks for visiting my site and fight on!

Suggested USC Grad Photo Locations

Mudd Hall
Doheney Library Lawn & Fountain
Bovard Auditorium & Lawn
Trousdale Parkway
Tommy Trojan
Steps of Troy at RTCC
Expo Park Rose Garden
Wherever on campus means the most to you!